• Pam Parent Baker

2018 Summer Camp in full swing!

We know the days of summer are busy. You choose wisely. Our summer camps inspire personal triumph and growth for your 7-14 year old. In our 12th summer - we've GOT THIS!

So far in just the first week of summer we have traveled 910 collective miles with over 65 kids in 2 just two camps! Discovered 11 geocaches. 4 1/2 minutes of planks. 260 collective pushups.....and 325 AMAZING, POWERFUL, "I am...." statements!

We still have room for your son/daughter in our Cross Country Adventure Camp & our youth Triathlon Training! We support ALL abilities. Focused on personal growth. Recognizing the gift that EACH child brings to this life is unique and with purpose. Honoring them EXACTLY how they come...

Adventure in the outdoors. Doing what kids do naturally - run, jump, splash, climb, bike, giggle, roll and celebrate being a kid!

Visit our Generation Endurance photo album to catch a glimpse of our FIRST week...all this in the FIRST WEEK!!!

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